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A brilliant deep and glossy shine on a car's surface is the most satisfying feeling to a car enthusiast.   Making the right decision and knowing how to select the right products, for your vehicle, can make a big difference in achieving the spectacular results.  Infusion Works Natural Carnauba Car Wax will not only protect and rejuvenate your car’s paint surface from the harsh environment.   But, will also enhance and extend the car's paint luster for a very long time. 

Fantastic wax and excellent seller.  Mike M. (Ebay customer)

"I'm speechless my car looks amazing.   My friends asked me, what did I do to my car to make it look so great.  Thanks again".    Robert (Tito)

"I love the Granite/ Marble product.   I have granite counter tops and a couple of antique pieces handed down through the family with marble tops.  I can honestly say that the marble tops have never looked this good in all of the years I have seen them and it does an awesome job on the granite.  I love that it is environmentally friendly too."
Mary Ann Y., Consultant, eDelivery, IMPACT Group

"I have been taking care of my cars and motorcycles for over 10 years. Well at least I thought I was, until I tried out the Ivory Carnauba car wax from Infusion Works.   I never realize how many chemicals go into a store brand wax, not only that, but none of the store brands offer protection.   But they all promise a shine.  I was truly concerned about the protection as well as shine.  That’s why I am now a happy Infusion Works product user.   I love that you don't have to use much of product car wax to get successful results and the results are HUGE!  People can't stop staring and asking questions.   Thank you!" 
Steven C. S., Sales Manager,

Hudson County Harley Davidson, JC, NJ 

 "Infusion works has an array of incredible car care products.  I am very happy with the products and his detailing work on all my automobiles. You will not be disappointed with the long lasting shine."
Esteban S
., Exotic Car Collector

"This product sold me!  I like the Natural Carnauba car wax because it doesn't create static, no clay, so it doesn't leave the chalk powder like most car waxes do.  This Natural car wax contains oils which prevents the car's paint from drying under the direct sun .  The oil base Natural car wax works well on the car's rubber and plastic molding too.  The Natural car wax is also good for my hands because of the Vitamin E.   Thank you Infusion Works."
   Manny M., Exotic Car Detailer, NJ

"When I first saw Art applying the Infusion Works car product to his Porsche with his bare hands, it really caught my attention.  When he explained in detail, the "GREEN" aspect of what he was doing with the product, I was instantly sold...and the results are wonderful.   People have been commenting on my car like NEVER before."  
H., Professional Artist. 

                                                                  “Changing the standard of waxing”

INFUSION WORKS  mission is to provide clients with Natural Detailing Products and Car Care Service. 
Our customers are "Number One". 

INFUSION WORKS 100% natural products are handmade, utilizing a very stringent quality controlled process.   This process will provide our customers with a unique, one-of-a-kind product.   

Not only does the INFUSION WORKS car wax shine, it also leaves the car's surface protected from oxidation.  The car wax application enhances the surface by hydrating the car's paint finish with oils.  In addition, the natural ingredients leave your hands smooth and moisturized (when applied by hand).

The car's surface paint is much like the human skin.   A PH balance is necessary in order to maintain elasticity and durability for the paint.  By providing a PH balance car wax to the paint's surface, the deterioration of the paint is prevented and instead preserved.     For that warmer deeper car shine and hydrated surface feel, use Infusion Works Detailing Products.                       
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